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Unlimited training in all 3 regions of our gym! Each region offers a unique private instructor led experience. We believe strength, mobility, and running are the core elements of exercise. Our mission is to help you find that perfect balance of each region to achieve your fitness goals. Come make our studio your second home and a great place for meeting friends, getting a good sweat, and experiencing personal progress. We’ve made it convenient to come early or stay late with every thoughtful detail.

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Youth - Fundamental Fitness! $79/mo ages 10-15 Mon-Thur 6-7PM
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My vision for Region 3 is to create a fitness studio that will allow our members to optimize their physical strength, mental fortitude, and endurance alongside a community of like minded people of all fitness levels! We plan to do this by creating results based workouts that are safe, effective, challenging, and fun!



Our nutrition recommendations are just that “Recommendations”. A successful nutrition plan is one that is sustainable to you as an individual, one that fits your lifestyle, and one that you can follow for life. We will teach you the basics around macronutrients aka Macros, calorie control(whether it is a surplus or deficit), and proper portion control.
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FATS are a fuel source that can be categorized as “GOOD FATS” or “BAD FATS”. It has been shown that including GOOD FATS into your daily diet can help reduce...

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Carbs(carbohydrates) are the macronutrient known as the body’s main fuel source. Carbs can be classified as “Simple Carbs” or “Complex Carbs”. Simple Carbs can be found in...

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Protein is a macronutrient that is also a fuel source. It’s main function is tissue development, repair, and growth. Aside from water Proteins are the most abundant...